Product Startup of the Year

This award is for a new business, which produces exciting and tangible products (doesn’t necessarily have to manufacture the product) with great potential. Examples might be food or cosmetics products, toys, gadgets, furniture, clothing, smart device or even something cooked up in a lab.

Criteria for winning

  • A singular (or family) of product(s) created or made in your company (but not necessarily manufactured by your company)
  • Product was:
    • Created using a unique innovation or technology, or
    • Sold or offered via web or mobile presence, or
    • In itself, can be called a new tangible innovation or technology
  • Product demonstrates uniqueness and marketability
  • Product is worthy of regional recognition for innovation and quality

Things You Should Highlight

  • Describe the product and submit pictures or video of it.
  • Describe why and how it got created.
  • Explain why is it “awesome”.
  • Where is this product sold?
  • Provide customer testimonial
  • What is the turnover of this product year-on-year?

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